I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life. -Elsie de Wolfe

Monday’s Musings: Alone in the Kitchen with A Strawberry

A couple of weeks ago I had pretty much taken a subbatical from my kitchen. Not easy to do, when I have to walk through it to get to my bedroom or my living room. After using it steady for months, the place where I found solace, became the most… 

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Designer Dossier: Fawn Galli

Every once in a while, my design life takes a turn for the awesome. That’s what happened when I, recently had the opportunity to meet designer Fawn Galli.  Her design style is edgy, chic and whimsical and it seems that rather than creating rooms, Galli creates spaces that are more… 

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Decorative Hard-Wear

I happen to love Rachel Zoe’s  new glamorous jewelry collection partially because it reminds me of lovely tassels, drawer pulls and tiebacks. Check out the rest of the collection at Neiman Marcus.

Monday’s Musings: Reflections on an Awesome Birthday

I stay busy.  I’ve always been plagued with the thought that I may miss something FABULOUS if I don’t do everything. Do you ever get like that? For me, it’s a terrible habit but it usually results in fun opportunities.  However, all this busy-being kept me from realizing that I… 

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My Bags Are Packed

Because tomorrow is my birthday, I have decided to treat myself to a mini vacay to a semi-remote beachy locale. Some place where I can look like this for hours: image via pinterest In fact, As you read this, I am on my way there.  But because we are such… 

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Pure Inspiration: Bohemian Bedrooms

Have you ever typed in the word bohemian in Pinterest to see the vast interpretations of the word? I did just that, adding bedroom behind it  and saw so many different styles it was amazing. {all images via pinterest} These are a few of my favorites and as you can… 

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{The Petal Pusher} Neon Brights!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!  Tina, here, and since it’s the first Friday of the month, I’m back with another installment of The Petal Pusher! For the past few weeks, H.O.T. is the only adjective deemed precise enough to describe the weather in New York.  There seems to be an endless supply… 

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A Dreamy New Addition

Happy Monday! I had to take a blogging break to collect myself and my thoughts. I hope you don’t mind. Today’s post is a quickie but one that I would love your opinion on. I bought a new headboard and it will be delivered any day now. It looks something… 

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Monday’s Muse

After watching the Halston documentary, Ultrasuede, I’ve grown increasingly fond of the fabulousness that is  jewelry designer Elsa Peretti, especially images of her from the 1970’s. In a funny way, with her combo of stylish ease and oversized frames, her look reminds me of  the style my mom and her sisters… 

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{The Petal Pusher} Herbal Essence

Happy Friday All! As promised, Tina’s back with a bit of Herbal Essence. Enjoy!  Confession #72:  I am an herb waster.  Yes, I am.  Don’t you hate it when the recipe calls for sprigs of fresh mints or rosemary, the rest of the bundle that you must purchase from the… 

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