The Curated Room: Julie Mehretu

Yesterday, Art 21 tweeted about artist Julie Mehretu and her show opening at the Guggenheim on Friday. Her work  is just what I need to see.  Hopefully I can find a few minutes to head there while I’m in NYC this weekend (fingers crossed). Colorful and abstract, Mehretu’s work is the perfect inspiration.

{black ground via pixelmark}

I had heard about her work several years ago, when her work was exhibited as part of this exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Museum of African Art, but aside from reading about her work, I never got to see any of her work in person. I really missed out.

{congress, 2003 via art 21}

For me as a designer, it means more to me now to see her work and to know and understand the beauty of the architectural leanings and spatial concepts in her work.

For more inspiration, take a look at  these videos…

My one question: Has Maharam contacted her regarding one of their awesome artist collaborations? Mehretu’s work would make amazing textiles or wall installations for their Digital Projects Collection.

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