Kenzo’s Beautiful Concept

Today’s Theme : I must get back to Paris…soon

The other day, while wandering the the interwebs, I discovered the most gorgeous thing— The Kenzo Concept Store and a stunning video to go with it called Le Renouveau Kenzo (I think renouveau means renewal or revival, please excuse my rusty French and please correct me). Take a peak at the some of loveliness I witnessed.


The video is a beautiful showcase of the store’s unique displays combined with Kenzo’s lovely way with  mixing details and patterns in clothing and furnishings as well as poetic interior design details. See why I must go back (stuff clothes in bag)? If you get minute, check out the video in it”s entirety and the fabulously worldly bohemian clothes. I guarantee you will be as enthralled (or rather, seduced) as I am.

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One thought on “Kenzo’s Beautiful Concept

  1. Chandra (@ShiftC)

    Beautiful! I will check out the video when I get to my computer, but I’m stuffing my bags. Ready, set, France!

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