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A Postcard from Paris: Le Marais

Happy Monday!!! I hope your weekend was quite grand! Today I’m presenting my final shopping in Paris post. It is about an area of Paris called Le Marais.

When I stepped foot into Le Marais I fell in love with Paris all over again. Walking through this area of town, seemed a little magical. The streets run a little narrow, the architecture is a little more beautiful and the shops are quirkier and more eclectic. Then there’s some excellent vintage shopping…And oh yes, the fact that the best falafel on earth exists in this area is not a bad thing either. There’s a great energy here and everybody seems a bit more chic here than any other area of the city.

Although my trek took me in to the both clothing and home boutiques in Le Marais, I stumbled across a little shop called FLEUX.

It was a fun shop with a second more pop outpost across the street. I was sold on the fun factor when I saw this butterfly filled birdcage. You know I wanted to bring this home with me…

Then there was this:

I’m sure you can just imagine my inner CoCo (Chanel -that is) swooning big time. There was so much fun packed into this shop I didn’t know what to to do with myself. I’m talking heart palpitations people!

{yes, that is a giant Lego table.}

After  Fleux, with my decorating engine still all revved up, I took to the streets again. The next stop was TO BE. And just what was needed to balance out my energy overload.

Compared to FLEUX’s caffeinated-infused design buzz, TO BE was more like a relaxing herbal tisane. The store filled with beautiful textures and colors with a global slant.

As you can see TO BE had a completely different aesthetic and personality, It still had an energetic presence. Colors abound in similar tones and shades to that of Fleux, the style and presentation are just different. And the funny thing is I could see wares and furnishings from both boutiques in one home. The end result  would be quite lovely.

In Le Marais, they bike in high heels:

Click here to check out this Style.com video about style in Le Marais.

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  1. kai

    i love the lego table at fleux!!! and all the pink at TO BE! makes me sad i didnt tag along with you like i used to, to the museum!

  2. charleebrown

    wow my birds would love that cage

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