The Horse Whisperer

In Tuesday’s post Starting Fresh, one of the photos featured a portrait of two horses. The picture struck a chord with me (and fellow blogger Amy).

My grandfather was a horse trainer and sometimes my mother tells  touching stories of her early experiences with the magnificent animals. My formal introduction came in elementary school, when I had a very, very hilarious brief stint with horseback riding lessons. That’s when I learned that I clearly, didn’t inherit the horse whispering gene. However, I can tell you that I really appreciate their beauty.

This is why I really love these stunning portraits by artist Kelly Angard.


Kelly calls these gorgeous photos, Horsescapes, and each one seems to tell a story about the grace and the humanity of each horse.



The portraits are available here and all of her prints are available in variety of sizes (just check here). If you need to see more of her beautiful art (I did), make sure you check out her work on flickr. I’m sure you will fall in love.

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