A Dreamy New Addition

Happy Monday! I had to take a blogging break to collect myself and my thoughts. I hope you don’t mind. Today’s post is a quickie but one that I would love your opinion on.

I bought a new headboard and it will be delivered any day now. It looks something like this…

Ok, It looks just like that except it’s white. However, I can’t figure out what color to paint it.

Maybe a glossy hot pink? Is that too Feminine? Will my house become a Raspberry palace?

Or perhaps something like this lovely glossy teal?

{images via the family love tree and amber interiors}

I’m even entertaining painting it canary yellow or a glossy olive. What do you think? What color would you paint it?

By the way if you are looking for something like this headboard, I bought mine online here, where it’s on clearance and cheaper than Etsy and Ebay. 

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