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My Home: A Work in Progress

This year marks two years since I moved into my Brooklyn apartment. Because I work in design,  initially I felt a lot of pressure to make my home to look perfect, but soon realized perfection didn’t really suit my needs or my lifestyle. Here’s a photo of me scheming from the early days:


And here are some of the other pieces that made it in to my home over time.




Today, these things have been redistributed throughout the apartment, For instance the rug is in my bedroom and the chair is in my office/entry area. There are pictures to be framed hung, art being delivered and I constantly remix things around the apartment. That’s one of the joys of having a small space. And the more I live in it, the more I learn the space; the architecture, the quirks and the beauty of both.

welcome home

Here is a  sneak peek of my living room and where it is today. It is a perfectly, imperfect room with a fun mix of pieces that I love and have collected. That chair, yeah, I won that in a raffle, and in the beginning it lived in my bedroom. The elephant side table is a vintage piece gifted to me by my mom, who knew I had been obsessed with a similar table that we had when I was a child. I’m sure things will change some more, but today this is perfect. And more importantly, this is the place I call home.

The Petal Pusher: A Walk in the Woodlands

Hi all, it’s been quite a crazy week for us living in the Northeast. CRAZY, I tell you! That Sandy sure was feisty! Fortunately my family and friends did not sustain any major damages, however parts of New Jersey, Staten Island and lower Manhattan were not so lucky. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the storm, we are thinking of you!

This month’s inspiration comes from the shorter days and the longer nights of the muted, washed out colors this mid-season between late autumn to early winter bring us. With a mixture of hardy branches like the Lycopodium or the creeping cedar, Silver Brunia, Dusty Miller and various pinecone like bunches.

Plus these super elegant Snowberry clusters hanging off their long extended arms added that bit of whimsy this hard-edged arrangement needed.

Of course we can’t forget the ever so friendly Chamomiles, and the Scabiosas that looks like a gorgeous gal all done up going to the ball! It transported me right out of my apartment during this unexpected week long, cabin fevering “hurrication” de Sandy to a leisure stroll in the woodlands.

Thanksgiving is still weeks away, but so far for me, November have already turned out to be a season to be thankful for. For those of you looking for ways to give and help, check it out here.

Sending lots of love from my corner of Queens, NY.

XOXO, Tina


Pure Inspiration: Bohemian Bedrooms

Have you ever typed in the word bohemian in Pinterest to see the vast interpretations of the word? I did just that, adding bedroom behind it  and saw so many different styles it was amazing.

{all images via pinterest}

These are a few of my favorites and as you can see, it’s a situation of anything goes as long as you make it your own. Layers of fabric, plants and natural textures also help. You can see the rest of the results here.

{The Petal Pusher} Neon Brights!

Happy Friday Everyone!!!  Tina, here, and since it’s the first Friday of the month, I’m back with another installment of The Petal Pusher!
For the past few weeks, H.O.T. is the only adjective deemed precise enough to describe the weather in New York.  There seems to be an endless supply of heat waves after heat waves.  We’ve literally been surviving on margaritas and sunscreen as we slowly melt away. But I digress.  What I’ve observed is, as the temperature rose, the more color people are wearing.  And it’s not just any colors, its neon.

Neons have made a comeback for a while now.  It’s everywhere; on clothes, accessories, bags, shoes and more.  It’s so in your face that I decided to make it my inspiration.  I really wasn’t sure what I’ll be able to find when I set out to the flower district for my hunt.  I even wore my neon sandals as muse.  To my surprise, there were actually lots of super bright floral out there.  I ended up with bunches of alchemilla, safflower, cockscomb, grevillea, ranunculus, calla lily and these super fun, fluffy, green carnations.

I love the way grevillea looks and in this almost Lite Brite pink; sea creature like form was perfect.  I paired them with ranunculus, calla lilies, bright red cockscombs, carnations and a bit of alchemilla.  I also paired the fluffy carnations with the safflower.  When I first spotted the safflower, I thought it came straight out of a Dr. Seuss’s books.  So fun and whimsical, the combination of it with the carnations is almost unreal.

While the arrangements may not scream neon, with their intense, unique hues, I think they are super fun, amusing and perfect for hot summer days.  I would love to hear what y’all think of the neon trend.  Whether it’s a do or don’t, stay cool while rocking it!

Have a Bright Weekend,



A Dreamy New Addition

Happy Monday! I had to take a blogging break to collect myself and my thoughts. I hope you don’t mind. Today’s post is a quickie but one that I would love your opinion on.

I bought a new headboard and it will be delivered any day now. It looks something like this…

Ok, It looks just like that except it’s white. However, I can’t figure out what color to paint it.

Maybe a glossy hot pink? Is that too Feminine? Will my house become a Raspberry palace?

Or perhaps something like this lovely glossy teal?

{images via the family love tree and amber interiors}

I’m even entertaining painting it canary yellow or a glossy olive. What do you think? What color would you paint it?

By the way if you are looking for something like this headboard, I bought mine online here, where it’s on clearance and cheaper than Etsy and Ebay. 

Wednesday Love: French Bistro Chic

Because it was dream for the both of us, several years ago, my mom and I embarked on our first trip to Paris. Our first of many meals in Paris was in a darling little bistro in the 1st arrondissement. Since then, I have always loved the feel of those French bistros tucked away in the city nooks of Paris.

{image via flickr. originally from gourmet magazine}

With that in mind, I’m absolutely in love with these French Art Culinary Prints from Eva Juliet’s Etsy shop. (Oh Etsy…Every time I think I have broken free of your charms you just lure me back in. Oh well, there are worse thing, suppose.)

These are  the perfect touch for a kitchen gallery wall. Along with these prints, I’d think about mixing in some vintage art, like paint by numbers, found portraits or old photos, to add a bit of lived in texture and charm. Then add this French bistro comfort mat from Ballard Designs.

Don’t forget lovely and fresh white dishes and glass touches. These below are from Fishs Eddy. I could spend hours there.

The next step for me in decorating is my kitchen. It’s small and quirky and with the bistro as inspiration, I can play with up the personality of the space.


Upholstery Diaries: Sexy’s Back

A recent phone convo with my mom, CC went like this:

CC: You’re home early.

Me: Yeah I left on time because my chair is being delivered.

CC: [excited tone] OOOOH text me when it arrives.

Chair arrives and I send text to CC of the front and back of aforementioned chair. “I love it!” she exclaims. “Everything you have looks just like the way you dress!”

I heart my mom for saying that!

So my chair has returned home with a makeover. You will remember that I sent it out to be upholstered and chose a certain fabric from Dwell Studio for Robert Allen. Just a reminder, here  is the before pic.

And the back..

For the makeover, I chose Dwell Studio’s Aravali  in Amethyst from their Robert Allen Global Modern Luxe  line.

The geometrics of the pattern juxtapose the curving lines of the chair.

For a complementary pop of color, I chose  Robert Allen’s Showtime CottonVelvet in Tulip for the back. Aravali has accents of this color in the fabric.

I love the back of the chair. I didn’t want to distract from it with a busy pattern and it  seem that Tulip was a fun color choice. I also had enough fabric to make a little pillow that is currently residing on my sofa.

Everything seems to be coming together and I’m pretty excited about it.

{New Series} The Petal Pusher

 I thought today, June 1st, would be the perfect day to introduce a new monthly series for the blog, The Petal  Pusher. I have enlisted the floral talents of my friend, Tina, interior designer extraordinaire and now our resident floral design expert for this series. I know you will enjoy it as much as I do! I’ll let Tina take it from here…

Being an Interior Designer by trade and a self proclaimed Petal Poser by night; I was super excited and honored when Jessica asked if I would like to do some floral collaborations for y’all.  I thought what better than to start with Pantone’s color of the year – Tangerine Tango as an inspiration!  According to the executive director of the Pantone color Institute, the color is “Reminiscent of the radiant shading of a sunset, Tangerine Tango marries the vivaciousness and adrenaline rush of red with the friendliness and warmth of yellow, to form a high-visibility, magnetic hue that emanates heat and energy.”

With that in mind, I remembered the sunset I’ve seen this past winter on the beach in Cape May, NJ.  It reflected these various shades of reds, oranges, yellows and even violets; it was a sight hard to forget.
I was lucky enough to have found these beautifully fragrant Sweetpeas at the flower district that were in the perfect shade of our muse.  In combination with the Peonies that are in season and being one of my favorites, and Tree Peonies that you don’t see often were the basis of my arrangement.
Together with accents of Clematis, Freesias, Calla Lilies, and the fun whimsical Nigella, we have ourselves the “Tangerine Sunset”. Perhaps that sounds more like a cocktail than a floral arrangement!

I had so much fun whipping up this idea from imagining to actually buying the flowers, then producing the end product.  I hope y’all enjoyed it as much as I did. ‘Til next time!

A Sale Preview: Something for the Fellas

As I mentioned,I previewed two sales for Gilt, so today, lets talk about the Man Cave Essentials. We can’t leave the fellas out! From my dad to my BFF’s hubby, every man I know has a man cave; you know, a little space to call their own. I like to think of the Man Caves as the grown up version of the No Girls Allowed sign, because no lady that I know spends an extended amount of time there. However, along with clubby furniture, huge TV’s and booming sound systems that blare Call of Duty, these men have style and sophisticated tastes. They appreciate a few accents that reflect their personalities. Here’s a essentials curated by Gilt Home to cozy up the cave.

The Throw:

The Pillow:

A Sophisticated Floor Lamp:

The Rug:

Growing up with three brothers and a dad taught me  that men should have a space to call their own. These items are perfect for the cave (bonus: that luxe rug could hide a few spills) without sacrificing style. The Man Cave Essentials Sale at Gilt Home starts tomorrow, Thursday, May 24th.

Shopping Summery Brights with Gilt Home

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going to a  Gilt Home preview of two summer sales, Summery Brights and Man Cave Essentials. Well, today the Summery Brights Sale starts! So, I picked a few yummy faves that I saw from the sale.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been spending a lot of time doing two things, playing in the sunshine and decorating. I’ve found myself drawn to lots of  rich and intense color, which is why I loved more than a few things from this sale, including this Missoni Rug:

Yes, I’m totally in LOVE with this gorgeous rug. This adds a ton of personality to a neutral room. And here’s a few more pops of color  that I loved…

Art is a great way to add a touch color especially if you are a renter and can’t paint or are a little shy when it comes to full walls of color. I’ve been drawn to pinks lately, so you can imagine the joy this piece brings me.

Also, for me, a throw is an absolute necessity as I’m always cold. To snuggle under this bright throw would instantly bring me some warmth and happiness while reading or watching TV on the sofa.

Check out the rest of the sale ,where you will find a lot more summery brights, including more fun accents. Enjoy! And let me know if you pick up something bright from the sale!

Also, Stay Tuned: Wednesday  is all about the fellas with Man Cave Essentials!

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