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Cue the Fireworks!

For my folks in the US, Happy 4th of July!

{image via the the fashion bomb}

{image via style section la}

May your celebratory cookouts, BBQ’s, Picnics and/or Beach jaunts be filled with happiness, friendship , laughter and, of course,Fireworks!

Also, I just wanted you to know that I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’m in the midst of my class and working on designing my site.  Class ends next week so I’m in the thick of making something fabulous, I hope. I have a few ideas to work out, so after Friday I will be taking a mini posting break to finish my final project.

However, since Friday is First Friday, my friend Tina, The Petal Pusher, will be back with the next installment of her floral series. Here’s a Sneak peek of what’s to come:

It’s beautiful! I can’t wait to show you the rest of it!

Also while I’m discussing series I’d love to have a contributor for a monthly food and tabletop decor series. If you are interested please shoot me an email at so we can discuss. At the moment, I can’t promise any compensation, but I can promise exposure for your talents!

Over The Weekend

Since moving, I have really come to value my down time. And those times that I get to spend it with friends is especially precious to me. This weekend my BFF/sisterwife, DWJ and her hubby came up for a quick NYC visit. I absolutely adore them and they literally keep me in stitches whenever they are around.

I think the fun with DWJ actually started on Friday, before she even got here when she told be about a sample sale at Deux Lux. It was so amazing that I almost passed out (and almost bought everything at the sale). But when they got here, the real bonding began. It was full of shopping, good food and laughter. They even brought a few things from DC that didn’t make the initial move. Who can ask for anything more?!

{my sassy deux lux bag; my vintage mirror from dc; super-high platform pumps from vince camuto}

They even brought one of my favorite chairs. Yeah, it’s the one with the sexy back. By now, you know that I believe how you exit a room is just as important as how you enter. That goes for furniture too.

Anyhoo, this post can never reflect how much I miss DWJ and her hubby, but I know that when they got here my apartment felt even more like a home. No amount of furniture or accessories (or shoes and handbags) can replicate that feeling. And even though they are 200+ miles away, it feels like there is no distance in our friendship. I am super-blessed to have them in my life.

Maybe it’s all The Downton Abbey…

But I find myself craving a bit more formality in my everyday life. I know its for brides to be and the peeps that love them, but BHLDN has some of the prettiest gloves I have ever seen. They would be perfect for spring by  adding a touch of feminine whimsy to that perfect trench we girls want or have.

Here’s a few of my faves…

Seriously why don’t we wear gloves in spring anymore? I think I’m ready to bring this back. Plus our veiled sisters can’t have all the fun, right? See the whole collection here.


Portraits in Black: Lena Horne

I’m blogging light this week, well, because I’ve been kinda busy. But today is the first day of Black History Month ( are the kids still celebrating it these days?) and yesterday I did a random search for Francesco Scavullo and these gorgeous images of Lena Horne turned up, as a result. Since Lena has always been so inspirational to me, it seemed a fitting way to jump off the month.


I know these two portraits of Lena are from Scavullo Women, but I’m not so sure about the one below. It’s just as gorgeous so it definitely seemed like it belonged.


Last week I read that  portraits are just as much or more about the photographer than the subject. I’m sure it’s true in most cases, but it’s hard to imagine that with Lena Horne sitting in front of your lens.


Weekend Wishes: Rich in Color

When Pantone announced that Tangerine Tango was the color of the year I got pretty excited. How an you not love it? It’s beautifully vivid and luscious. Admittedly, in the beginning, I wanted to wear it more than see it in my home. However, when I found myself pondering Martha Stewart’s Persimmon for my kitchen wall, I realized that  bold color  tones, including the tango had hold on my design daydreams.

And these are bold colors I would want to see front and center in a home, not just in accessories. I’m thinking something like this:

{images via pinterest}

Berries and colorful, lipstick brights are giving so much inspiration, right now. And I’m thinking a bold chair, or two, would be a gorgeous  addition to any home.

Frockin’ in the Kitchen with COOKie

I’m the kind of a girl who is pretty much dressed at all times. I actually wear a nice maxi dress as lounge wear  around the house. I bought it from Target a couple of years a go so I don’t feel to bad–actually I could use another because it is super comfy. LatelyI’ve been on an apron hunt, so that I can be properly dressed in the kitchen as well. Well I found two aprons that I’m really in love with from the Poland- based company COOKie.

First up, there’s Lukrecja:

She pretty much makes me want to twirl around making sugary baked goods, like cupcakes and pies. Am I the only one?

Then there’s Julietta:

{COOKie found via patterson maker}

Julietta is super pretty for everyday cooking. I love the extra long tie to accentuate the waist and adjust the fit. With such clear fashion inspiration, Lukrecja and Julietta are so cute I want to make them a Frock Star. In fact, I think I will.

Most of COOKie’s sassy aprons would make me feel super-happy and cute as a button while I happily slave over a hot stove. Wouldn’t they be an excellent holiday gift for the resident foodie in your life? I think so!

Reflections of a Future Cat Lady

Lately, I’ve been talking to DWJ a lot about leopard prints. It’s her thing this season, but I think those convos have me thinking I need to incorporate more chic spots into my life.


{images via pinterest}

Over the years I’ve had a fair share of leopard in my life, but I think  it’s time for new spots.  Maybe this is my way of  unleashing my inner Leo (or, perhaps, Grace Jones) but this is really the only kind of cat lady I want to be. I just hope all of the zebras I love won’t be offended.

casual friday: it’s tee time w/ jaykay new york

I like to think that I have a pretty easy style. I’m just as comfy in a fancy dress as  a pair of jeans and a tee. But my jeans would get an upgrade if  I  rocked them with a tee with a little flair and personality, like these from jaykay new york’s new Tee Time collection.

As I  celebrate the end of the work week  and reach for my comfy (but office appropriate) jeans, I could really go for one of  these cute tees right now. You can see  more from jaykay new york here.

Well my design -loving peeps I’m off to work. But before I go, I wanted to say thank you for spending your week with me and…


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