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Haworth @ ICFF

Hi everyone! Please pardon my petite pause yesterday. I needed a day to recover from my  fun, whirlwind NYC trip for ICFF. While I was there I scoped beautiful inspiring things from textiles to furnishings and wanted to run away with most of it. Of course I refrained, but did some visual note-taking  for future projects with my trusty camera. I’ll be talking about ICFF most of the week and today I’m taking you to my first stop, Haworth.

Haworth is a furniture company with which  I’m really familiar and one we use a lot of on the commercial side of my job.  In fact, my last staff meeting happened at their striking DC showroom and included a tour in which we saw Haworth’s product line of furniture, architectural products and systems in action. However, seeing Haworth at ICFF was another story.  I knew this was not going to be my everyday office furniture.

{encourage table and b-sit chairs}

This year Haworth introduced the “Haworth Collection” a line of furnishings with influences from around the world including Italy, France, China and the US. At work, I have been seeing a trend of office furnishings that are a cross-pollination of  residential and commercial elements. The Live/Work line has definitely blurred. With it’s clean lines mixed amazing finishes and innovative forms, I would put the Haworth Collection in that same vein.

{close up of the b-sit. i love it’s form}

I can see some these pieces in an executive office and conference area, especially Encourage and B-sit. Overall, I got pretty excited about it and  I can’t wait to show it to the designers designers at work.

I’ll be show more goodies tomorrow. I’m talking textiles, furniture, and decor so stay tuned, my friends!!

Inspired by Nothing

Take a look at the inspiring cardboard office from the Amsterdam creative  advertising agency, Nothing. Yup, that’s right, the interior architecture is made of cardboard.

The gorgeously quirky office space was designed by Alrik Koudenburg and Joost Van Bleiswijk, who conceived the space to be like working in a sketchbook . Well, that’s the perfect idea for an ad agency, don’t you think? As always, I love the concept drawings and had to include a couple.

nothing concept copy

nothing plan

{images via behance and alrik koudenburg}

I’m thinking I would love to work in a conceptual space like this. I’m also thinking of new ways to transform throw away materials into beautiful architectural elements.

{Serene}Weekend Wishes: Spa Day

A flip through the pages of Interior Design Magazine reminded me that  the last time I treated myself to a spa day was 3 years ago. Yikes! Clearly I’m overdue and the next time I go I want it to be at Revel Spa in San Francisco.  Designed by Jiun Ho, I’m loving the interior architecture in this space, which was influenced by the Chinease elements, metal, earth, wood, fire and water.

I love those ceilings too. I can’t tell you how many times I look up in a great space and see nothing up there. According to the article, the intersecting reclaimed-wood ceiling feature recalls the twigs of a nest. And how can you not love those antique birdcages turned lighting fixtures?  Also, check out how the wood ceiling become nail stations, below.

{images via interior design by bruce damonte photography}

I have the day off today, but it’s  already jam packed with errands. Isn’t it funny how that happens? However, if I could be anywhere today it would be at at he spa soaking up some me time. Revel Spa is a great example of a beautiful, simple  spa design that is perfect for a little piece of mind and centering oneself. See more images here and here.

Happy Weekend!



Weekend Wishes: Words of Wisdom

Last Friday, I headed to Baltimore to attend NEOCON east, an annual trade show showcasing the latest in mostly commercial furnishings, textiles and materials. There’s a big show in June in Chicago and East and West coast versions for those of us who can’t make it to the windy city.  Last year, NEOCON East had so much energy and new products that I was excited to head back to Baltimore to see the next new things in design. This year, aside from a few bright spots at the show, it was terribly underwhelming.  However, one of those bright spots at the show was a presentation from the designer Clodagh.

Several years ago I went to see her speak at the Corcoran Gallery of Art and she was immensely inspiring. I felt a kinship with her and her design process because she was one of the first designers, I heard speak of writing as being a legitimate part of the design process. Which was timely, because  at that time I had begun to wonder if  writing played too large a role in my creative process.  So what was , her overall message? Pay attention to your creative intuition and let that guide your design and process even when you are the only one who believes in it.  Today those  are words of wisdom I still hold close to me.

This time around, she spoke about her own personal growth as an interior and product designer. For years, she had been known to incorporate Zen and Feng Shui methods into her designs and now she was putting more glamour into that Zen.  She calls her recent evolution “Life Enhancing Minimalism.” It’s this lovely idea that a designer should tune into the needs of the client and space they inhabit , often blending  the best of commercial and residential design practices. Think of bringing the best aspects  of your favorite restaurant to your kitchen or dining room. Or perhaps taking inspiration from a glamorous lounge and translating that into your living room. No the concept isn’t brand new, but it was a reminder to me that all of us should be living, working, and playing  in better, more inspired spaces.

Above,  I’m showing Whisky Blue located at The W Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida both designed by Clodagh.  It is gorgeous and inspiring and too fun not to share. Also, it illustrates the glamorous turn some of the studio’s projects are taking

And below, you see a residence that blends commercial and residential design practices. The husband is a chef and the wife is a film producer and the home incorporates a screening room  on the left, a communal dining area and commercial grade kitchen equipment.

Listening to Clodagh speak  at NEOCON East, I was just as inspired this time around as I was the last.  Her presentation alone made it worth the trip.  Once again , I was  reminded to always acknowledge and listen to my own creative instincts,  stay true to them without being afraid of  creative growth. I’m still inspired.

Happy Weekend!



Wednesday’s Perfect Room

It was a toss up this week as I was torn between two rooms. I decided to go along with the kitchen from Matsalen. Its  surprising how intimate it is; very similar to the rest of the restaurant.


{image via dezeen}

If you recognize the palette, it is designed by Ilse Crawford and  I showed the project before but not the kitchen. I thought it best if it stood alone, because it’s so gorgeous and serene with its warm khaki an gold accents. Anyone else in love with  the drawer pulls? I want to seen them in kitchens everywhere.

Weekend Wishes: A Stay at Hotel Missoni

If the fashion fairy was to betow one fashion week wish on me, it would be to stay at the Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh, Scotland. Designed by Rosita Missoni in conjuction with Architect Matteo Thun, they used the hotel’s design as an opportunity to highlight Missoni Home and expand the Missoni brand.

HM 1

HM 2

HM 3

{images via hospitality design}

Pops of energetic color and design materials help to translate the fashion house’s textured geometric knits into interior decor. But it’s those oversized urns and  those fringe drapes that have me swooning (seriously I’m on the verge of passing out- and yes, I’m a tad dramatic).  Anyhoo, Missoni is planning three more hotels in South Africa, Jordan and Brazil, and I can’t wait to get a peak at those interiors. Can you say Hotel Missoni Cape Town? I’m ready to pack my bags!

Have an amazing weekend!



Today I’m loving: Warm Neutrals

Ilse Crawford’s design for the restaurant Matsalen in Stockholm has me swooning, especially over her gentle palette of warm neutrals. I love that the restaurant’s palette is accented with gold lighting fixtures in lieu of silver, nickel or chrome. Somehow it makes it even more elegant and inviting.


{images dezeen and matsalen}

I’m putting Stockholm on my list of cities to visit right now.

Weekend Wishes: Femme Fatale

If you are a regular reader, then by now you know I love old school glamour. Therefore I  thought it would be perfect if I showed you the glam, boudior-style offices of  the Spanx Headquarters in Atlanta. 

Entry and Reception

Spanx Entry

Spanx Vignette

Spanx Reception

Spanx Waiting

Open Plan Offices and Kitchen

Spanx Pink

Spanx Kitchen2

Private Executive Office

Spanx Office

Spanx Officejpg

{ok…that table is FABULOUS! images via interior design magazine; interiors by tvsdesign}

This space is unapologetically sexy, but not uncomfortably so. Part of that  feeling is due to a mix of both commercial and residential furnishings (for a touch of home) juxtaposed against the bold palette and accents. I think I would feel like an 1950′s bombshell (Dorothy Dandridge anyone?)  if I worked in these offices everyday. And how could you not?

Happy Weekend!

xoxo,  Jessica

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