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Monday’s Magical and Affordable Things

I love when the weekend gives me a few magical things to looking at.

Over the weekend I was looking for fabric.  It’s become a not so secret past time of mine. Just me perusing fabric… at any free moment. I could act like it’s sad but I prefer to call in research. Yeah That’s it…Research.
Anyhoo, on said fabric search I checked out what was happening over at Vlisco and saw this

Yes, the frock is cute, but it’s the scale and color of the pattern that got me all dreamy-eyed. Could it be pillows? Upholstery (if properly backed)? A cute dress? Or maybe an apron? Oh, how fast the wheels turn!

I have also found myself increasingly drawn to overdyed Oriental rugs, but I haven’t found one that I can quite afford. That’s when I stumbled upon Flor’s Reoriented.

Isn’t Flor pretty magical? All of a sudden something out of reach, is now only a short affordable distance away. And while I feel that pink is increasing slipping into my design life, Reoriented also comes in Teal and Lavender. Yeah all three of those colors makes me pretty happy.

Anyhoo, I’m off to start the week!


Update+Wednesday’s Perfect Room

Guess who’s back?!

Since moving to New York a few weeks ago, I have been on a inspiration hunt. Everything is so new that in so many ways I’m starting over fresh  and expanding my design lexicon.   At this point, I feel like I have worked in  it all design-wise, Exhibition Design, Hi-End Residential and Contract, but retail design may the most fabulous end of design I’ve ever had the pleasure of working.  Everyday I am surrounded by the most gorgeous materials I have ever seen and  I work  with a very talented group of designers and architects. It’s inspiring just walking through the door. And if you can imagine, our design library is even more beautiful that this one from YSL. And  I love this one. A lot.

{the ysl design studio/library}

As the materials librarian, I wish I could show you some of the things I get to see on a regular basis, but unfortunately that’s against the rules.  But I do manage the design  books in  library as well, including purchasing and managing the budget. Can I just share with you how excited this makes me? I have a feeling that in the coming weeks or  months my Design Literati posts will become very exciting.

Anyhoo, today I wanted to get back to one of my regular posts, Wednesday’s Perfect Room. As I look for an apartment  and during my my  inspiration gathering sessions, I have begun to daydream about what my new space will look like.

I have always loved Ryan Korban’s gritty urban glamour and the way he mixes art, furniture and fashion in his interiors.

{image via decorati}

He always creates an amazing dialogue between the architecture, decor and  art and  always adds in fabulous textures and layers of styles.  His work  always inspiring  to me because it tells an amazing story about the people who inhabits these spaces. I wonder what story I will have to tell when I find my new space?

Off I Go!

I’m going to take a couple of days off, so that I can finish up some work and prepare for a whirlwind trip in the name of  ICFF this weekend.  I’m going up to NYC  and coming back within in 24 hrs but ICFF is sooo worth the quick trip. It was either that or don’t go at all; and that, my friends, was just not happening.

{image via tory burch}

There’s so much to do before I go, but I’m really excited about what to I’m going to see. Of course, I can’t wait to share my it with you. I ‘ve got  super long list of booths to visit and for the occasion, I even bought a new lens to take sharp pics while making my camera more “compact” (and I use that term loosely when comes to a DSLR).  Anyhoo, I will see you when I get back.




Leaving Las Vegas

Well today I’m wrapping up my grand tour of Coverings 2011. I’ve seen some really amazing products and I’m trying to sneak in more floor time today before I leave Las Vegas. Here’s a peek at this  beautiful artisan tile, from Tabarka Studio,that I saw on my  floor show travels.

Tabarka has a beautiful collection of hand-painted terracotta tiles. I’ll show more, but definitely wanted to give you a  look.

Anyhoo, I’m off again to pack up and do one more look-see around this amazing show.

PS. If your in DC don’t forget about The Color Workshop this weekend. Jessica and I want to boost your color confidence!

Coverings 2011: A Peek at Day 1

Hey all!!! I made it to this crazy world that is Las Vegas and it’s fantastic. My senses are overloaded and I’ve met some amazing people in the world of design, from, editors and bloggers to designers and PR reps. Day one was quite a whirlwind and I’m either up really early or really late. But hey this is Vegas so I don’t care!

Today I’m going to give you a peek of some of the products I’ve been see with a total recap later this week  (I hope).



Yesterday, was the  Tile Council of North America booth tour and these tiles above are new intros from Crossville, Color by Numbers , which coordinates with Benjamin Moore paint colors and Mixology Metal, which has 50% recycled content.

Along yesterday’s tour I picked up some buzzwords/trends like digital printing,  recycled content and photocatalytic tiles.  No these words aren’t new  in design but the amount of new introductions with those words associated, seem to be growing more than I’ve seen in the past (at least from my usual desk/cubicle view).

I’ll get back to  those trends and more, once I get a chance to digest everything.Today I tour the booths for Tile of Spain and Ceramic Tiles of Italy. In fact, I better go.  Like I said, it’s a whirlwind, but its fun!



Stay Tuned…

Happy Monday Design peeps! As you read this I’m on the plane and headed to Las Vegas! I’ll be blogging a bit from there, showing some of the fun stuff I get to see at Coverings 2011 with a complete  roundup happening later. But before I go I wanted to let you know about something fun that my friend Jessica of JGB Interiors and author of the fantastic blog “Paint it What I Tell You” and I are doing this weekend.

On Saturday and Sunday, March 19th and 20th, we will be hosting a fun Color Workshop at  the super-cute  DC design boutique Sukio Design Co as a part of Washington Fine Properties’ Home and Design Weekend. Because it’s all about color, we even have some fun giveaways from  Graham & Brown!

Here’s the info:

So there you have it. Two Jessicas in a lovely design shop, talking color just in time for the beginning of Spring! What could be better? Hope to see you there!

Talk to you soon (and blogging) from Vegas!



Weekend Wishes: Biba at Home

I’m obsessed. In fact, there’s no other, nice way to put it except, obsession. So what am I obsessed with? Biba and all things Barbara Hulanicki. Biba style is fitting in with this art deco, glam, 60′s-70′s thing I’m in midst of at the moment.  That’s a mouthful, but that’s where I am right now.

{images via 20th century fashion and miss dandy}

I love these Illustrations of the Biba lounge and a Biba bedroom by Malcolm Bird.

They are just beautiful and totally remind me that I need to pick  up a pen and pencil sometime this weekend. These illustrations really pick up on the over -the -top glam that I find so inspiring about Biba. I totally know this is a lot of decor and I’m a proponent of distilling it down a bit. For me, I can’t get enough of  those walls! Luckily Biba founder, and designer Barbara Hulanicki has designed a beautiful wallpaper collection for Graham and Brown. I would love to use these luxe papers for a project.

Here’s a few of my deco-inspired faves:

18103-Diva Oyster3

{diva in oyster}

18105-Hula charcoal4

{hula in black and silver}


I love the graphic lines and the interest they would add to a room and the collection provides the perfect back drop to layer textures. I may even use subtle patterns  in the same color family mixed with a contrasting color pop to layer as well. It would be like  wearing the perfect Biba outfit.

Hmmm…All this Biba talk makes me want to go thrift store and vintage  shopping!

Have a Happy Weekend!



My…You Have Lovely Skin

I love anything that sparkles, shines or glimmers. I’m just that kinda girl. With this in mind, you will understand why I love the sequin-like facade of Maison Martin Margiela and Mameg in LA  by the firm Johnston-Marklee. I saw it last week on the 3 rings. Swoon…I had to know more and possibly fly out to LA to see it for myself.


{image via johnston-marklee}

I mean, really, you don’t just see building skins like this everyday. Here’s a quick video of all that sparkle in action:

And don’t get it twisted those aren’t the run of the mill PVC pailletes. Called Air Display and manufactured by BWS Germany,  these “sequins” are a UV coated, weatherproofed thermoplastic (called ABS) that is also used for drainage pipes, housing electronic equipment and in the automotive industry. In other words its strong stuff and perfect for architectural facades. Because I love designer details, here’s the detail drawing of how it works.

{ details via bws germany}

I love this building and it’s glamorous textural skin. Here’s the bonus… it totally just gave me a great idea.  Don’t you love when that happens?  I only wish I had known about Air Display sooner. But as they say, better late than never.

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