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Frockin’ in the Kitchen with COOKie

I’m the kind of a girl who is pretty much dressed at all times. I actually wear a nice maxi dress as lounge wear  around the house. I bought it from Target a couple of years a go so I don’t feel to bad–actually I could use another because it is super comfy. LatelyI’ve been on an apron hunt, so that I can be properly dressed in the kitchen as well. Well I found two aprons that I’m really in love with from the Poland- based company COOKie.

First up, there’s Lukrecja:

She pretty much makes me want to twirl around making sugary baked goods, like cupcakes and pies. Am I the only one?

Then there’s Julietta:

{COOKie found via patterson maker}

Julietta is super pretty for everyday cooking. I love the extra long tie to accentuate the waist and adjust the fit. With such clear fashion inspiration, Lukrecja and Julietta are so cute I want to make them a Frock Star. In fact, I think I will.

Most of COOKie’s sassy aprons would make me feel super-happy and cute as a button while I happily slave over a hot stove. Wouldn’t they be an excellent holiday gift for the resident foodie in your life? I think so!

Frock Star of the Week

Maybe I spend way too much time between the Anthropologie and BHLDN sites, but when I see a dress like this one it just makes my day. No really, I just perk right up.

And a dress like  this one is so versatile, making an easy transition from work to play and across seasons.  Plus, I’m a girl who likes bows; they look crazy in my hair but I love them on a dress.

Really, you have to love a dress who’s sunny marigold disposition can brighten any room in any weather.

Frock Star of the Week

I have seen one thousand maxi dresses this summer. And I love them for their comfort and ease, but it is possible that I’m totally over them. But a midi is something I’ve been feeling for a while especially when it looks like this.

{images via bigdrop}

I’m starting to live for these awesome summer weekends and this Yumi Kim dress would be perfect for weekend wear. It has the same sense of ease as a maxi and I love the simple shape  with the great colorful touch. I think wearing this would make me happy especially, while playing in the sunshine.

Frock Star of the Week

So I’ve been looking for a few work dress updates. Nothing crazy, just pretty, simple with personality. What I’ve learned is, the cusp of summer is not a good time to look. In stores, right now are bombastic florals, cute but very short sundresses, a ton of jumpsuits and rompers as well as  maxi dresses. That’s right,  all of my favorite things for weekend, but none of them work appropriate. What’s a girl to do? When in doubt I check out Rachel Rachel Roy. RRR always fits well and always has something fun in store.

Two dresses I have my eye on are the cocoon trench dress….

and the flapperific,  drop-waist ruffled dress.

The cocoon Trench Dress caught my eye, because looks easy and chic enough for summer office attire and will transition well to the fall layered over long sleeves, like a slim turtleneck and heeled boots. Plus anything reminiscent of a military-inspired, coat dress is a score in my book. Plus it can be softened up with lovely feminine accessories like this. And the Drop-Waist ruffled dress is a winner because with it’s cotton-linen blend  and colorful, simple silhouette it just calls out for summer. In the office it would be great paired with a cardigan or cropped jacket with simple peep toe nude heels. And I can add fun accessories too, like a long, faux-turquoise necklace.

I had almost given up hope, but now the wheels are turning again and it’s clear that some fun fashion for work still exists.

Frock Star of the Week

Over the weekend I popped over to Ann Taylor to look at work wardrobe updates. Of course, I was totally distracted by the cuteness that was this dress. Don’t you just want to brunch in this dress? I know I do.

DWJ and I just saw a cute chevron print dress over the weekend, but the paintbrush-style lines of this frock has a one up on that dress. And while chic flat sandals are cute, I wouldn’t mind pairing this with a cute pair of espadrilles. Ugghh…This is way too cute…

Ok, clearly it’s time to focus on shopping for summer work updates.

Frock Star of the Week

You know, any dress that makes me want to kick up my heels flapper style is a winner in my book. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw this dress on Piperlime.

I mean really, take a look at the details…

{parker triangle beaded dress via}

I thoroughly believe this dress could bring me  many hours of inner joy and excitement. And in case you were wondering, no,  I can’t be  convinced otherwise.

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