I am going to make everything around me beautiful. That will be my life. -Elsie de Wolfe

Just for Fun.

Happy Friday! It’s right on time this week!! Things have been insane lately and I have been trying to get the creative juices running to soothe my creative soul. To do that, I have been making things for fun with my calligraphy and crochet tools.


My Home: A Work in Progress

This year marks two years since I moved into my Brooklyn apartment. Because I work in design,  initially I felt a lot of pressure to make my home to look perfect, but soon realized perfection didn’t really suit my needs or my lifestyle. Here’s a photo of me scheming from… 

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Excuse Me While I Redecorate

  Hello My Loves. There’s a bit of change happening around my piece of the interwebs. As you probably know, I have taken a few months off from blogging. I even toyed with the idea of closing down the blog completely. Clearly I decided against because I love truly blogging… 

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Flirting Again

Hey Loves! Happy Hump day. Just wanted to share a little inspiration for a fun little project that I’m working on. It’s sassy and cheeky and has something to do with food. I have been researching all things vintage and stumbled upon these Rene Gruau Advertisements for Christian Dior. I’m… 

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Monday Inspiration: Au Cinema

I almost forgot to show you my final film about my muse… Crafting Love. crafting love: a crochet story from Jessica Caldwell on Vimeo. I already have plans in the works for another video muse project and I have signed up for another skillshare class about animating title sequences. And… 

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It’s the Remix

I’ve been a bit quiet lately. Partially it’s because things have been a bit crazy with a capital CRA and also because I taking a few classes to build new creative skills. Right now, I’m taking a Skillshare course called Muse: A Video Portrait Workshop. My Muse is about the… 

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In Defense of Beyonce’s “Life”

I know it’s a random post title and Beyonce doesn’t need any affirmation from me, but bear with me for a moment. Beyonce as a public figure stirs up a lot of thoughts in my mind. I literally see news about something in her life everyday on the Brooklyn news… 

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A Tuesday Texture Swoon

Since I’ve taken up crochet with a newly-minted verve,  everything for me is about texture and exploring the complexities of yarn. Oodles and oodles of yarn. {images via nancy flowers, the lane & dustjacket, items by designbird} I am finding that my explorations in craft and yarn are beginning to inform… 

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Paris When It Snows

Post Blizzard NYC, reminded me of Paris. Evidently is is a rare occurrence for it to snow in Paris. Lucky for me, while I was there it snowed for about 3 days. It was lovely even if a bit treacherous as I slid around the city trying to get from… 

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Love-ly Notes

I have to say, this year I’m actually pretty excited about Valentine’s Day. In case you are wondering, I’m still a single girl, but this year I feel like I need to celebrate. So does my friend Tina, known around these parts as our resident Petal Pusher. Well, she just… 

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